A Comprehensive List of SEO Musts

SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral part of launching and running a successful blog or a website. There are a few bare essentials when it comes to SEO that a developer can do before they launch their website. That will make the launch a lot more successful and give a boost from the very start. Over the course of posting content SEO will always be a must for every blogger and website owner. For starters, here is a list of essential steps you need to take before you launch:

  1. Analytics tool. Start taking note of your traffic from day one. Setting it up can be easy with UA code or you can use Tag Manager to implement it.
  2. Always check your robots.txt file. Check the file a few times and regularly. That is often the main culprit why your website is not getting indexed. It is easy to forget about or dismiss but it can cost you a lot of frustration if you ignore it.
  3. Have a social media pixel. Every website out there is marketing their content or products on social networks. That enables you to collect data that will be extremely useful in long run about your audience and to even change the target audience if you would like.
  4. Google Search. Do not set it up halfway. Verify your WWW, non-WWW, or HTTPS. Fill out all of the fields and link Goggle in order to get Search Console data in your GA. After that submit a Sitemap.xml and also click on “Fetch as Google”. Submit your site to other search engines as well.
  5. Make sure to check you links and do a crawl check of the website. Broken links can easily start plaguing your website and they need to be fixed or removed in necessary.
  6. You are running any kind of e – commerce or a membership on your website than you need to experience the checkout process the way a customer would. Do it both on the desk top and mobile version. The last thing you want is for the process to be broken and loosing your sales.
  7. Whatever platforms you are using always make sure to update to the latest version and also update all of the plugins you are using.
  8. Accidents happen. Create a backup of your site using the most bare bone version of it. Create a separate backup for other additional fancy features. That way if something goes wrong you will be able to replace it without feeling overwhelmed. If you are a victim of hackers you will be able to salvage your work. There are plugins for this exact purpose.
  9. Make sure to check whether you are using WWW or non-WWW.
  10. On some blogging platforms, you will need to go into the Settings tab and to uncheck a box that discourages search engines from indexing your website. This is a version of the robots.txt file of some platforms.

Some additional good Indianapolis SEO tips are to make sure you are using high quality web hosting. Some web hosts are a bit more expensive but they are also a foundation for a functional website. Also, set your domain name to renew automatically so you won’t forget. Set an alarm or add it to your calendar. Mistakes happen and a website owner needs to very vigilant.


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